Bank of the future is more personal, more digital

VeriPark, with the exclusive products and solutions developed, enables finance organizations to obtain an Omni-channel structure, the model of the future, and converts the bank branch concept into a retail store experience! 

Smart and mobile systems suspend banks from transaction-based banking approach to a structure that provides custom products and services that can be approached from different channels and are customer intimate, and more pro-active.

McKinsey Director Somesh Khanna states that the next decade will be the digital evolution era for banks. Khanna says that in near future, the importance of bank branches will diminish rapidly. Nonetheless, there will be a new Omni-channel banking approach supported by the same infrastructure with powerful digital faced hub branches and related mobile applications, LCD touch screens, ATMs, kiosks, online banking platforms.

Digital banking creates new opportunities for banks. Customer satisfaction is increased via opportunities such as customer analytics, collaborations with different brands, social media integration while customer gain and acquisition skills improve. Banks that do not keep up with digital evolution will be facing customer loss.

VeriPark, providing infrastructure for 7 of 10 largest banks in Turkey, developing solutions for numerous Global banks, accelerates the compliance process of the banks to new technologies with its products and solutions. VeriBranch- Omni Channel Banking and VeriTouch- Banking CRM solutions developed by VeriPark provide powerful infrastructure and tools for Omni-channel and customer-orientated structure desired by banks.

Sales performance of the banks increase
The new reality for banks who wish to perform all transactions via communication channels without dropping by the branch. One of the difficulties bank face is retention of current clients and to provide products and solutions through digital channels rather than face to face.

"Banking through tablet" applications, "Mobile Banker" and "Mobile Brancher", developed by VeriPark especially for sales persons, customer representatives, and corporate communication managers of banks combine CRM, sales applications and primary banking interfaces under a single platform to shorten processes and to improve the performance of banking personnel. 

VeriPark's "Mobile Banker" vision is focused on improving the mobile strength of the banks and enabling branchless banking transactions.  VeriTouch, one of the solutions supporting this concept,  provides 720 degrees customer view enabling result orientated communication with the client on the field.

Field success with immediate data transfer
Thanks to VeriTouch, the customer representative can access to all data needed such as customer information, customer's previous transactions, notifications made to the call center by the customer, credit note in the field. He/She can track the trend of the customer in product requests and view cross-sales opportunities immediately.

VeriTouch, having skills such as loyalty management infrastructure and campaign management, besides all information that may be required during the process, thanks to its analytical skills, displays the products and the solutions that the customer might be interested on a single screen.

Bank sales representative may realize the account application directly through the tablet by gathering the details about the prospective client. The application process can be accelerated by checking the compliance of the prospective customer for loan/ insurance through the system immediately. Customer representative may compare the products of the bank versus its competitors by using the tablet on the field.

In VeriTouch system, where forms are filled in digital medium, customer's documents are immediately uploaded to the system by taking their photos, calendars of sales teams are determined according to the locations via map integration and teams are tracked remotely, success is guaranteed in field operations.

Future bank, Omni -Channel
VeriBranch, a multi-channel online operation platform developed by VeriPark, provides an infrastructure to the Omni-channel structure for the future bank.

To display its Omni-channel face, the "Smart Bank" founded in Japan by CitiBank is a superb example. Bank, entirely equipped with digital screens, is open for 365 days a year. Customers may perform banking transactions either via face-to-face meetings or via a system assisting communication through digital displays. VeriPark has already provided a similar even further infrastructure to the banking sector and actualized in a subsidiary of Gulf International Bank, Meem, operating in Saudi Arabia.

Therefore, technologically supported branch provides a different but uninterrupted banking experience to its customers. VeriBranch, enabling creating different channels on a single architecture, private Internet banking, corporate/SME Internet banking, mobile/tablet banking, branch automation, call center, kiosk /self-service equipment systems can be created. The digital face of the banks allows the creation of powerful branches.

Paperless banking
As the increasing competition forces banks to increase their efficiency, VeriPark automatizes front office application in the branch and starts the paperless banking era.

Banks, by digitalizing their processes, not only improve their effectiveness but also stop wasting the energy, paper, and other resources for each branch. The footprints of the banks decrease as the number of branches decrease, and the customer experience is enriched.

Gulf International Bank has gained 50 thousand new customers with paperless banking project "Meem", developed and implemented by VeriPark. The project has increased customer acquisition and provided excellence in customer services by implementing attractive applications on different digital channels. As all banking transactions are performed through the call center of the bank 24/7, thanks to the increase in the number of tablets and kiosks, customer's transactions are realized more rapidly.  "Meem" has shortened the process of opening a new account on the branch, loan application and approval and cash withdrawal of the credit to 15 minutes with the help of the infrastructure provided by VeriPark and the customer is signing a single page contract for these transactions. Meem branches resemble Apple Store rather than a bank.

Meem has personalized mobile banking
In this project branded as "Meem", Gulf International Bank has created the paperless banking and digital branch system by developing multi-channel services. With this system, Meem customer can access all check and savings accounts through the mobile application rapidly and perform all banking transactions easily. Also, the client has a total control of all banking transactions and bank accounts. He/she can print out a card self-service on the branch or access to all transactions including new card application, control the issuing and delivery time of the bank through the mobile application.

Automatic money transfer enables money transfer from check account to a savings account. The savings account also has smart specifications such as an increase in interest automatically with the increase in savings. Also, a feature called "Jam Jar" can make savings plans according to specific objectives such as buying a car or a house.

Meem users also can make expense control on the credit card or bank account due to "Personal Finance Planning" interface feature. Therefore, an upper limit for expenditures for restaurant, clothing, and accessories can be determined.

The "Future Bank", more mobile, more personal and more digital with banking applications such as Meem, is actualized by the technologies of VeriPark, as of today.

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