Microsoft Dynamics 2015 Inner Circle Membership– Global

"We are glad to confirm that "Veripark" provides superior solutions for Microsoft Dynamics customers with a unique service quality and commitment. As a result of the studies performed with uninterrupted commitment and contribution to the overall success of Microsoft Dynamics, we congratulate VeriPark, member of our most prestigious business partner group, for being accepted to the Microsoft Dynamics Inner Circle for this year."
Neil Holloway 
CVP, MBS Sales & Partners

VeriPark, due to its innovative solutions in assisting finance corporations in gaining competitive advantage, extraordinary sales success and its high excellence standard has been accepted to the membership of Microsoft Dynamics 2015 Inner Circle. Microsoft Dynamics Inner Circle membership indicates that a business part during that year has increased their customer satisfaction by providing high-quality solutions and support in their projects by using Microsoft Dynamics products.
Inner Circle is composed of business partners in the upper segment of Microsoft Dynamics business partner network worldwide.
VeriPark takes place in Inner Circle, where business partners performing their activities with uninterrupted commitment are accepted as a member, since 2008.

VeriPark finds the opportunity to join other Inner Circle members from all over the world first in"2015 Microsoft Dynamics Global Recognition" event held in Orlando, Florida on July 13, 2015 and then Inner Circle Summit which will be held at Seattle in September.

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