Project Directing Exporter Clients Of Eximbank Sigorta To Eximbank Internet Branch

"Short Term Export Credit Insurance" transactions for exportation in local/international and free zones, preferred by exporter companies that are Eximbank clients can now be performed by Eximbank Internet Branch with a project run by VeriPark team.

Exporter institutions may perform track transactions and regarding Short Term Export Credit Insurance such as limit application, advice for shipment, and overdue receivables notification on the Internet branch Also, the clients may pay their Credit Cards, Premium and Policy debts on Eximbank Internet Branch.

With Short Term Export Credit Insurance,  all shipments of exporters to various receivers in countries covered may be insured by Eximbank for one year. Export Credit Insurance, which is based on providing appropriate risk distribution, export transactions performed to both low and high-risk receivers and countries are included in the same policy by insuring all shipments. Therefore, premium rates can be determined at minimum levels while appropriate risk distribution is provided.

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