INGBank Payment Center Project Went Live

"Payment" transactions, among most significant services provided to clients by banks, require a rugged operating, smart centralized management system and a solid infrastructure.

Accordingly, in order to maintain connection and integration with corporations that provide public services such as water, electricity, telecommunications, natural gas, INGBank implemented VeriPark's payment center solution, PaymentHub, to employ a more innovative method.

PaymentHub, providing a payment infrastructure that is centralized, manageable, tractable, and can easily provide two-way connection, can easily help manage and centrally track payment transactions of INGBank between companies and clients by establishing a synchronous and asynchronous connection via single infrastructure and interface.

With PaymentHub, requests from banking systems such as inquiry, payment and order are forwarded to the related organization by online message conversion, and the replies received from the organization are forwarded to the bank in the same way.

Reconciliation infrastructure, an important property of PaymentHub, crosschecks transaction summaries of the bank with data obtained from the organization to control whether reconciliation is maintained, and if not, maintains reconciliation by examining the transaction details. With the asynchronous support of the product, both the banking system is immediately replied, and the transaction is performed later in case of interruption by the organization. Also, the logon management is maintained by PaymentHub in organizations with logon infrastructure.

PaymentHub, with Microsoft Biztalk and ESB Toolkit skills, enables the addition of new organization to the payment center in a rapid and easy way by simple mapping due to its advanced parametric structure. ING Bank analyzes corporation integrations, which is the one of the biggest problems of banks, in a simple way by rapidly adding the corporations, desired to be integrated online, through this infrastructure.

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