Sales Productivity and Inbound Lead Capture by Using Dynamics CRM DIB

DIB increases sales productivity and inbound lead capture by using Dynamics CRM

Dubai Islamic Bank (DIB) has a long-standing strategic relationship with VeriPark and together we have created a best-in-class e-service platform. Through our belief in innovation and endeavors to enrich the customer experience, we continuously strive to improve our services by understanding customer behavior, feedback and technological advancements. VeriPark team and senior management worked very passionately with dedication and commitment to first establish the foundation of the e-service platform and then continued to build on it to ensure DIB remains the leader in offering electronic banking services."

DIB is a bank that not only gave Islamic banking to the world, but continues to keep the flag flying high. It is one of the pioneers in the region and provides arguably the largest range of Islamic banking products and services to its customers. DIB was established in 1975 which today remains true to its roots as a customer-centered organization, where close personal service and honesty form the basis of all relationships.


As a customer-focused company, DIB was looking back in 2011 for ways to improve the visibility into customer information and effectively automate the process of capturing leads across a variety of channels. The limited ability to collect leads into a shared common pool made it difficult to track sales, report on performance and automate actions on prospective leads. DIB relied on worksheets, emails and partial in-house solutions that did not provide the necessary insight into customer information.


DIB in 2012 implemented VeriTouch – CRM solution from VeriPark. The main reason for selecting VeriTouch was the company's experience in the banking industry as VeriTouch is entirely customized to the needs of financial institutions.
The implementation began in 2011 and took 9 months from the planning stage to the first release. DIB selected a number of different modules to support its customer-facing operations, including Customer Retail 360, Sales Management Module, Call Center Module, and Campaign Management. In addition to implementation services, VeriPark provided integration and project management services as well as customization work to ensure that VeriTouch fully complied with DIB's requirements. VeriPark ensured real-time and batch integration with Oracle FlexCube core banking system, Nucleus Finnone, HPS Power Card, SMS Gateway, Genesys Avaya call center, mobile banking and DIB online banking.
Integration between VeriTouch and VeriBranch ensures that front-desk employees do not have to juggle different applications but can use a unified front end to perform common tasks. A single interface ensures improved productivity and faster turnaround time at DIB Call Center and Tele-Sales.
VeriTouch security is built on top of the Windows domain security. The solution also complies with requirements such as restrictions on data exports and provides integration with the Microsoft Office suite.


By rolling out VeriTouch-CRM, DIB was able to automate sales management and campaign distribution while providing better information to sales agents and call center staff to facilitate sales and enable them to establish closer relationships with the bank's customers. Since implementation, DIB improved lead capture through multiple customer-facing channels, such as Call Center, IVR, Mobile banking, DIB Website and online banking portal.

Between 2012 and 2014, DIB recorded a significant increase in the number of leads generated per year. Due to its integration with internal banking systems, CRM provides pre-approved offers to different customer-facing channels. These offers are tailored to the need and profile of individual customers which has significantly increased lead capture and qualification. Call Center agents have in-call access to this vital information which also increases the volume of sales.

The 360 single view of important customer details allows users to get a thorough understanding of customer profiles and cross-sell targeted products / services suited to customer needs.

Improved Lead Capture

DIB and VeriPark empowered employees, with the tools they need to capture leads and convert them into sales. VeriTouch offers a broad range of sales automation tools – from lead assignment and distribution to automatically generated follow-up actions that ensure the sales staff and call center employees are always working on new opportunities. In fact, the time, needed by the sales team to follow up on prospective leads through electronic channels has decreased such that First Customer Contact happens within 48 Hours.

VeriTouch supports DIB across multiple channels to improve visibility into customer profiles, and drives automation of business processes. Post CRM implementation, the time required for follow-ups with customers has been reduced substantially, which makes the entire company more proactive in its outbound communications.

Better insight into operational efficiency

In addition to task automation, VeriTouch also includes a broad range of performance monitoring tools. Among them are visualization options and dashboards that make it easy to see how many leads were converted to opportunities created within a month. These tools allow business, monitor Sales trends and campaigns effectiveness to an overall Sales productivity.

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