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Personalized to Be Unique. Unique to Be Successful 

Generali, one of the leading insurance companies of the world, has partnered up with VeriPark to start a new era in the v insurance industry with their customer centric approach. Especially for car and traffic insurance branches, Generali provides the fastest, easiest and most suitable service to their customers through the modern delivery channels thanks to this project's online customized offers. The company that has launched their brand with the motto "Easy Way of Insurance" is planning to provide insurance to a wider market in Turkey. VeriPark's experience in the insurance and finance solutions and Generali Sigorta's visionary service approach have started a new era for the insurance industry with high returns on investment. As a result of the researches, Generali Sigorta has launched the innovative project by being able to generate an offer in 1 minute and to create a policy in 3 minutes through modern channels. Therefore everybody can reach the necessary information anytime and anywhere...

Generali Sigorta, aiming to provide the fastest, easiest and most suitable service to their customers by customized offer for car and mandatory traffic insuran­ce through internet and 7/24 remote insurrance advisory services via 0850 555 55 55, has been the pioneer of a new customer centric era in the insurance sector thanks to advanced featured provided by VeriPark's Omni-Channel Delivery and CRM solution specialized for insurance.

VeriTouch and VeriBranch

VeriTouch is a customer relationship management solution that operates on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform consolidating data stored by insurance companies on different platforms onto one single platform in order to create synergy. The main strength of this software solution is the ability to provide the view all the information of the customer to the sales representatives immediately through the functionalities of the 360 Degree Customer View approach and therefore enables them to generate the most suitable offers according to the needs of the customer. 
On the other hand, VeriBranch that has been used as the infrastructure of the online transaction center by 7 out 10 major banks in Turkey, is a omni-channel delivery solution that can provide the customers, company employees and agencies with real time access to the data bank and the processes of the insurance companies created with VeriTouch from a very wide range of platforms. Therefore, the front pages and insurance services developed for one single channel can now be accessed and processed by other channels while also minimizing the cost of adding new function set and channels. Transactions performed through different channels now can be provided on one single screen and enabling them to offer the most comprehensive service throughout the customer's lifecycle.

Generali Sigorta and VeriPark Collaboration

In the first part of the project that was planned with multiple phases, modern distribution channels (online sales, call centre sales and service request management) were supported. A scalable and easily adaptable structure was created to be able to smoothly integrate other alternative channels and to add new products in the upcoming periods. Therefore, Generali Sigorta can quickly react to the ever-changing dynamics and demands of the market and maintain its inovative vision with no need for further investment. 
Functions that were integrated in the first phase included sales process management, customer analysis, proposal and customer history, complaint management and workflows between departments. 
The 8-stage quote process including collecting customer data, validation, risk assessment and quote generation, can be performed online by the customers and also be managed through the call center by the insurance sales representative where they will be able to view all related customer information and transactions on a single screen. This will prevent customer loss due to lengthy transactions, and also provide the ability to generate the most suitable and personalized offers to meet the customer needs. 
Thanks to the system integrated to Generali website, customers can confirm the customized quote generated by the system just by entering their personal information and therefore can complete their payment and get their policy online without wasting any time.

Effects on the Insurance Sector and Future Vision 

The collaboration between Generali Sigorta and VeriPark will bring new advancements not only to the parties of this cooperation but also to the entire industry. In a world where customers have more options than ever, communication between the companies is as important as the internal processes of the companies. The perception of buying insurance as being highly technical and difficult affects all the actors of the industry. Generali is a leading company that provides the Easy Way of Insurance through their customer centric systems. With this significant investment, Generali is aiming to increase the number of policy holders in Turkey while improving the reputation, future productivity and efficiency of the insurance industry. 

VeriPark will always be the innovation partner of agile financial institutions that set the trend.

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