"Two-step banking" and "Facebook money transfer" both made possible by ING Bank New Internet Banking ING Bank

Performing the most outstanding banking in Turkey, ING Bank starts up a new era in internet banking with its new internet banking platform. This platform is described as 'Device-independent (Responsive Design)' bringing banking services to a point where compatibility is achieved with all the devices. This model has been created by the know-how of ING –the world leader in direct banking– and will soon be exported to other countries where ING Group has operations.

ING Internet banking does not only terminate the device incompatibility issue but it also provides the chance to perform all banking transactions in only "two steps". Furthermore, Facebook users who are not ING Bank customers will be able to make money transfers.

For the first time in Turkey, keyboard shortcuts have been used in the Internet Banking in order to access the most frequently used transactions and now it is made possible to have quick access to internet banking system using Turkish Republic ID Number or card information. Thanks to ING Bank's advanced analytical infrastructure, special offers are made to the Internet Banking users according to their current needs and previous visits.

ING Bank Director of Distribution Channels, CRM and Joint Venture, Alper Gökgöz: "Mobile banking of the future will be designed by ING Bank"

"For us 'new age banking' has become even more important in 2013. We have drawn the road map of banking based on technological developments and trends for the upcoming 5-10 years. We are blending digital with innovation to build tomorrow's ING Bank. We have invested in our infrastructure so much in the past two years. In this framework, we have focused on alternative channels and especially on mobile banking. One of our most important priorities is predictive analytics. Thanks to the advanced technologies we can obtain large-scale data and rapidly analyze it. We aim to make the right product offer through the right channel at the right time by using this data for the benefit of our customers and we base our decisions making processes on a more analytical structure. Thus, taking all this work into consideration, our web site and Internet Banking are designed as a pioneer platform having the functions of convenience, accessibility and speed on its focus" said ING Bank Director of Distribution Channels, CRM and Joint Venture, Alper Gökgöz.

EFT in only 1 minute

"We have brought EFT time down to 1 minute with the convenience and speed of ING Bank Internet Banking. With the innovations we are planning to make on Nig mobile, we will meet our customers' needs beyond their expectations and keep developing products compatible with the new generation. In tomorrow's ING, the way we take care of our customers, we serve our customers and we follow up our customers will be very different than today" added Alper Gökgöz.

"Money transfer will be made possible for Facebook users"

Alper Gökgöz has stated that they took social media platforms into consideration while designing the new platform because their use rate has been increasing among both young generations and all other segments of the society. He also said "This is the first Facebook integration for digital banking in Turkey; with this function we enabled Facebook users to make money transfers with two steps although they don't have an account in ING Bank."

"We are ready for digital economy"

Alper Gökgöz has put emphasis on the fact that they will be redefining digital banking in Turkey with their new Internet Banking and added "As ING Bank Turkey, we are ready for the digital age with its ever growing weight in economy and banking sector and for the new digital economy".

Mr. Gökgöz has mentioned that due to the increasing penetration of mobile devices and people being able to easily consume the data, branchless banking has come beyond the expectation and that a 10% increase in mobile penetration in Turkey brings growth of GDP by 0,6 per person.

"ING Bank Internet Banking starts a new era for branch banking as well"

Alper Gökgöz has stated that they have built a completely digital-based model with the new mobile applications along with the new web site and internet banking. Mr. Gökgöz has also mentioned that comfort, convenience and speed in banking have been redefined with their new Internet Banking and that they will be changing branch banking as well.

"As ING Bank, we will be the first to bring the mobile banking infrastructure to the branch banking and therefore we will be developing a new approach to branch banking. We will be running very simple, convenient and fast banking services in our branches as well. Using the new technology, we will be performing more flexible services at more reasonable costs and become advantageous in competition" said Alper Gökgöz.

"The number of our customers who use the mobile channel has increased by 325% with our investments in technology"

Alper Gökgöz put emphasis on the fact that mobile is growing faster than internet both in Turkey and worldwide, he said "Every one out of four mobile phone owners make financial transactions from the phone. In Turkey the internet penetration is 44%, mobile subscribers' number penetration is 91.1%, smart phone penetration is 24% and this ratio keeps increasing

In Turkey the number of smart phones is expected to increase up to 44 million. Parallel to this increase, mobile banking has been used more and more every year. According to the data provided by the Banks Association of Turkey, within 1 year between September 2012 and September 2013, the number of mobile banking customers has increased by 117% and went up to 4.5 million from approximately 2 million. Again between the same dates, the money transfers made through the mobile platforms has increased by 163% and went up to 6.5 million from 2.5 million. Payments such as bill or tax payments has experienced the biggest growth and increased by 225% and went up to 4.3 million from 1.3 million. Credit card transactions have increased by 218% and went up to 2.3 million from 700 thousands."

Mr. Gökgöz has stated that technology banking is the field where ING Group is globally the strongest and added "we have invested in the device and platform variety putting more emphasis on the mobile channels where we globally have a solid experience and know-how since 2012, we have increased the number of our customers who use ING Mobile by 325% with our investments in technology. With our new Internet Banking, we carry our goal one step further".

"Today we have a new type of customer; knowledgeable about mobile phones and price sensitive"

Alper Gökgöz has mentioned that the use of mobile platform in the new age banking system has increased for certain reasons such as the increase in the use of mobile devices, the customers' need for simplicity and convenience, the penetration of smart phones and the changing customer profile.

Mr. Gökgöz has explained "comparing to generation X, people of generation Y watch TV less frequently, they listen to the radio less often and they read less newspapers. However their use of internet is more. In our country, the average number of portable devices is 5.4 per person. This ratio is around 5.2 in developed countries such as United States, Germany, Japan; the average of 8 developing countries including India, Indonesia and Argentina is 6.15". In the digital age, the customer profile is changing as well, said Mr. Gökgöz, and has stated that the new customer is knowledgeable in a variety of areas, prioritizes mobile platforms, knows about digital media and is active in the social networks and price sensitive.

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