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Leading retail bank ING Bank Turkey wanted to improve its market position by investing in customer relationship management (CRM) software for its sales force, starting with representatives working in retail banking. After a tender involving three other global vendors, the bank chose the VeriTouch application from local developer VeriPark, running on Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0, which was fully deployed in just four months.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM gives the ING Bank Turkey sales force a 360-degree view of each customer and immediate feedback on performance. Around 65 per cent of the 900 sales force agents created productive business opportunities using information in Microsoft Dynamics CRM by the third week of implementation. The bank has now extended the solution to help corporate customers and plans to attract new business through social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.


Together with its subsidiaries, ING Bank Turkey provides corporate, commercial, and retail banking services. ING Bank Turkey launched in 2007 when the global financial services group based in the Netherlands acquired Oyak Bank in Turkey, a combination of eight different banks with around 3.5 million customers. Today, the bank has 327 branches throughout Turkey and a round-the-clock customer call centre. ING Bank Turkey serves the corporate, commercial, and retail banking markets, and is expanding into other retail banking channels such as credit-card and store-based banking services.

As a medium-sized bank in a growth market serving a population of 70 million people and 1.2 million customers, ING Bank Turkey has ambitious plans to become a leader in the provision of financial services. Tolga Durdu, Senior Vice President Information Management, ING Bank Turkey, says: "To outperform our competitors in financial services, ING Bank Turkey needs to operate in customer acquisition mode, while at the same time pursuing every cross-selling opportunity available."

In 2010, the ING Bank Turkey retail banking team decided to work with the IT business unit in choosing a customer relationship management (CRM) system. The aim was to give sales representatives a 360-degree view of the customer and capture all interactions between customers and branches. The bank also wanted to extend the use of the solution beyond retail banking to help sales to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and corporate customers.

Durdu says: "We wanted to give our sales force throughout the branch network and in the corporate and SME teams the opportunity to use a CRM system as a lead-generating engine. The key elements for us are integration of sales representatives' daily planning with tasks, support in assigning individual tasks and leads to team members, and immediate feedback on sales figures and performance."

Senior managers set aggressive time-to-market targets. Hüseyin Sivri, Chief Information Officer, ING Bank Turkey, says: "The project team, which included retail banking and IT representatives, chose to customise an out-of-the-box solution rather than build it ourselves using expensive developer time. After a request for proposal, we invited four leading vendors to demonstrate their solutions as part of a proof-of-concept study."


The project team decided that the VeriPark VeriTouch application developed on Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 was a better fit than the other products it evaluated, because of its easy integration with Microsoft SQL Server 2008 data management software. VeriPark—a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner since 2001 and a past winner of the Dynamics Financial Services Partner of the Year Award—has in depth experience with CRM having major customers in Turkey, Lebanon, and the Gulf.

Sivri says: "We chose Microsoft Dynamics CRM for a number of reasons—the fast time to market, quality of service within Turkey, strong integration with Microsoft Office products, and low total cost of ownership. We were also influenced by the local support from Microsoft in Turkey, and the expertise provided by VeriPark."

ING Bank Turkey also valued the adaptability and ease of customisation with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, together with the versatility of the VeriTouch application. Armağan Gürkan, Sales Manager, VeriPark, says: "VeriPark already had a vertical customer relationship management solution in VeriTouch that was capable of meeting the bank's requirements, which ensured that we could meet the tight timetable for delivery."

VeriPark worked closely with the Microsoft local account team in Turkey and the Microsoft Dynamics global account team in a "one Microsoft" approach. VeriTouch manages several verticals in addition to retail banking, including corporate and private banking, and pensions and life insurance. Sivri says: "This means we can reuse the same solution for our corporate and SME customers."

Gürkan adds: "Fast time to market was a critical factor in our success. VeriPark completed the project on time and within budget in just four months."

With VeriPark handling the systems integration, ING Bank Turkey employees experienced a smooth transition to the new technology. Gürkan says: "The user interface is based on Microsoft Office technology, which is familiar to ING Bank Turkey staff. In addition, VeriPark organised training for administrators and users, which made it easier to manage the transformation from largely manual processes to an automated CRM system."


ING Bank Turkey values the adaptability and customisation capabilities of the VeriPark solution based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM, together with the quality of service available from Microsoft in Turkey. The strong integration with Microsoft Office products is speeding user adoption. In a second phase, VeriPark is planning to implement modules for integration with direct channels, including the call centre and Internet, together with other advanced features.

Deepening Relationships with Customers

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is giving the ING Bank Turkey sales force a 360-degree view of its customers and immediate feedback on sales performance.

Turhan Özgüner, Senior Vice President, Sales and Branch Management, ING Bank Turkey, says: "We wanted to set the standard for the industry in helping our customers better manage their financial futures with a multichannel approach. Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps us in this goal by streamlining sales processes, creating more productive sales time, and allowing sales agents to maximise opportunities for direct contact with customers."

Around 65 Per Cent of Sales Agents Adopt CRM in Just Three Weeks

The success of any CRM system depends on rapid adoption by users. ING Bank Turkey is no exception. Around 65 per cent of the 900 sales force agents created productive business opportunities using information in Microsoft Dynamics CRM by the third week of implementation. Full deployment is expected to be completed by the end of 2011, but feedback from users is already positive.

Sales agents say they can work in a more planned and organised way by increasing cross-selling ratios and presenting the right products to customers. Özgüner says: "The tool is exceeding expectations because it helps agents understand their customers better, displaying all the products of interest to a customer on just one screen."

Microsoft Dynamics Leads in Meeting Vendor Evaluation Benchmarks

ING Bank Turkey measured the vendor offers for its CRM system based on 25 benchmarks, including ease of adoption, user-focused reporting tools, and low overall cost of ownership. Interaction between record-keeping, sales, and marketing was another critical factor. Özgüner says: "The evaluation against other vendors showed that Microsoft Dynamics CRM met 30 per cent more of the success benchmarks than its nearest competitor."

Second Phase Involves Facebook and Social Networking Sites

ING Bank Turkey wants to attract business by appealing to Turkey's Facebook generation, where the leading social media network has 27 million users—the fourth highest of any country worldwide.

The second phase of the deployment will involve further work by VeriPark on integration with social networking sites and the retail banking sales force CRM system. It will also involve outbound call management, and integration with direct channels, including the call centre and Internet. The plans include Facebook and Twitter fan pages, and an ING blog with employee stories, product and campaign successes, and finance reports.


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