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VeriPark develops software solutions for prominent organizations in Turkey and the rest of the world. Now, VeriPark invites you to join this dedicated and talented team to enjoy a promising future with one of Turkey's leading software solution provider.

VeriPark team members go through a personal development program that is designed to help them to acquire the skills they need to complete their job and enhance their overall knowledge and competency. High performing, passionate, and enthusiastic individuals who can make a positive contribution to our already-talented team are selected to be a part of our team.

Through our Training School, VeriPark provides an educational program that is specifically designed to help university students to improve their know-how of the software market. Students who attend the training school will receive basic education on leading software technologies and gain valuable work experience through involvement in real-life projects. The training process includes subjects such as Analysis & Design of Software Systems, Database Analysis & Design, Application Development and Web Development using HTML, CSS, JS, XML, ASP, ASP.NET, and VB.NET.

There are two terms in the training school. The winter term begins in January and the summer term begins in June. Students participate in the training school for at least one month. The duration of the program varies according to the project in which the students are involved or official internship requirements of the university.

Third or fourth year Computer, Industry or Electronic engineering students are eligible to participate in VeriPark Training School.


VeriPark's internship program gives interns real business experience and prepares them to participate in project development. Each internship period is evaluated carefully according to strict performance and dedication criteria. Interns whose accomplishments stand out receive an offer for a part-time job at VeriPark.

Post-graduates who have worked part time at VeriPark may qualify for full-time positions.

To apply, please click here.

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