Extensive Back-office functionality provided by VeriCash allows the back office staff to gain new time saving abilities.


  • View the transaction and interface statuses of all market segments at a glance
  • Customer Emulation— See everything as your customers see it and enhance customer service
  • User entitlement functionality to segregate access/duties, and detailed audit tracking, reporting and retention to assist with audit and compliance
  • Increased customer satisfaction with case management functionality
  • Tracking daily instructions more effectively and efficiently
  • Channel based file upload monitoring
  • Maker- checker ability to decrease the fraud and errors


  • Approval workflows for certain DDI instructions such as approving electronic cheques information comparing with the physical cheques.
  • Back office staff can monitor executing DCIs on real time
    • If an instruction fails due to lack of funds it is reported to back office staff in real time
    • Back office can call the customer to supply more funds
    • Back office can transfer funds from loan accounts if the customer has a credit line
  • Maker-checker functionality for certain back office tasks such as using customer credit line
  • Back office staff can allow DCIs to process even though there are no funds available in the debit account
  • Audit trail reports on back office activities
  • Monitoring of file uploads and downloads from channels
  • Reports on future dated DCI and DDI instructions
  • End of day reports for successful and failed instructions
  • Fee management for transactions for different corporate customers
  • Case management for disputed transactions where either the bank or a corporation can initiate a case for investigation
  • Real time dashboards
  • Detailed transaction search functionality
  • Product defining
  • Create new customer and define customer products
  • Notification monitoring
  • System parameters defining
  • Manual file uploading
  • Different user roles
    • Branch users
    • Product managers
    • Administrator
    • Central Operations

    VeriCash Customers

    • Akbank
    • DenizBank
    • Ing Bank
    • Kuveyt Türk
    • VakıfBank

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