Islamic Banking Support for Personal Loan

  • Commodity and Metal Allocation
  • Takes Reservation ID as input
  • Generate Metal Application ID and certificate of ownership

Islamic Banking Support (Ijarah) for Auto Loan

  • Ability to support Car Ijarah financing in accordance to sharia based compliant car loan products

Islamic Banking Support for Housing Loan

  • Ability to support Sharia Based compliant product for financing home loans. The system supports following types of mortgage financing:
    • IIjara Muntahia Bi-tamleek
    • Ijarah Mawsufa Bi-thimma
    • Murabaha

Islamic Card (Covered Card Issuance)

  • Ability to support sharia compliant based Islamic Card issuance such as:
    • Tawarruq
    • Non-Tawarruq

All products offer the following features

  • Account Opening for Salary Transfer Cases
  • Contact Point Verification
  • e-Origination at 3rd Parties
  • Barcode Support
  • Account Opening
  • Drag & Drop Calculators Support
  • Mobile Tablet Based Application Support
  • Customer 360 Support
  • Welcome Kit Support
  • Advanced Eligibility Calculator
  • e-Forms Support
  • Advanced Eligibility Calculator
  • e-Forms Support
  • Credit Scorecard Implementation
  • Credit Scorecard Integration & Implementation

VeriLoan Customers

  • Qatar Development Bank
  • Şeker Finans

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