Housing Loan consists of application forms, payment plan structures and evaluation processes which are specialized for mortgage structure. Customer information is processed in this module and every customer is aimed to be matched up with the product which fits best. Housing Loan is offered as New Loan, Re-sale Loan, and Construction Finance.

Module Benefits

  • Compatibility with mortgage specific regulations and rules
  • Customizable structure for future updates
  • Customizable structure for various mortgage rules and regulations in different countries

Housing Loan Features:

New Loan, Re-sale Loan, Construction Loan Data Entry

  • Loan Details
  • Applicant Details
  • Property Details
  • Finance Details
  • Insurance Details
  • Policy Results
  • Additional Information

Finance Application

  • Customized Application forms
  • Generate unique application number
  • Maintain various interest rates and processing fee
  • Integrate with Rule engine to check the customer's eligibility
  • Support dynamic checklists of documents
  • Define application approval process in workflow
  • Define process flows for different type of loans such as New/Used

TML Search

  • Approved Employers
  • Approved Insurance Companies
  • Approved Developers
  • Approved Properties

Systems Check

  • Internal Black List
    • Returns customer's internal black list records with input parameters such as Customer CIF, Name, Surname, Birth Date, Nationality, Passport Number
  • Central Bank Rating
    • Returns customer rating as per Central Bank records with input parameters such as Customer CIF, Name, Surname, Birth Date, Nationality, Passport Number
  • Central Bank Bad Cheque
  • World Check
    • Returns customer AML Blacklisting situation
  • Credit Bureau Integration
    • Returns a comrehensive , accurate and up to date repository ofcredit bureau andcheque-honouringinfromation on a case to case basis
  • Dual authorization performed during credit analysis phase:
    • Maker form
    • Checker form

Deviation Approval

  • Deviation Initiation
  • Deviation Recommendation
  • Deviation Approval

Loan Approval

  • Credit Analyst Level 1
  • Deviation Approval
  • Financial Approval
  • Credit Analyst Level 2

MIS & Security Reports

  • Processed Home Loan Applications
  • Home Loan Application TAT Report
  • Home Loan Pipeline Report
  • Home Loan Exceptions Approvals
  • Home Loan Approvals
  • Home Loan Cancellations
  • Home Loan Rejections

De-duplication Logic
Loan Booking Disbursement

  • Integrate with the back-end systems to disburse the loan after final approval on the application
  • CRM sends request to Middleware for posting the Fund Transfer request to the core banking system to transfer funds and disburse loan into customer's account

VeriLoan Customers

  • Qatar Development Bank
  • Şeker Finans

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