Origination is a fully automated application process which can be customized according to the specific origination requirements of each company and rule engine evaluates information gathered which serves institutions the required outcomes to match-up customer with right product.

Module Benefits:

  • Faster application processes
  • Rule based automatic evaluation of applications
  • Package based product definition enables users a flexible definition structure

Base Module Features:

Eligibility Calculator (EC)

  • EC for Personal Loans
    • New Loan Calculator
    • TopupLoan Calculator
    • Buyout Loan Calculator
  • EC for Auto Loans
    • New Car Calculator
    • Used Car Calculator
  • EC for Credit Cards
    • SilverCard Calculator
    • GoldCard Calculator
    • PlatinumCard Calculator
  • EC for Home Loans
    • New Loan Calculator
    • Re-Sale Loan Calculator
    • Construction Finance Calculator
  • Provisional Offer Letter Printing

Form and Letter Printings
Scanning & Document Management
Customer Profile

  • Maintain Retail Customer Information
  • Import Data Functionality from Host System into CRM
  • View all the existing and previous applications of customer
  • Ability to populate customer's data on application forms

Workflow Control

  • Developed within CRM solution using Workflow development language
  • Workflows are monitored from backoffice admin panel of CRM
  • Triggered based on certain events
  • Workflow includes following functionalities:
    • Generate Tasks
    • Places tasks into queue
    • Escalate tasks
    • Assign tasks to different users

Loan Origination Dashboard
Business Rules Configuration

  • Organization structure for branches, zones, and teams
  • Roles and access rights to operations
    • Role definitions in CRM
    • Role access privilidge definitions
    • Role access audit trail
  • Approval hierarchy and signing system
    • Managers can approve or reject items
    • Approvals report
    • Transaction approvals based on transaction value
  • Customer Search
    • First name, last name, date of birth
    • Account no, card no, application no, Mobile no

VeriLoan Customers

  • Qatar Development Bank
  • Şeker Finans

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