Meeting the ever changing demands of the automotive industry and requirements, VeriPark provides market leading Auto Loan solution. VeriPark's advanced architecture provides lending solutions both for new and used vehicles.


  • Complete system reporting
  • Easy evaluation with the use of gathering information via integrations
  • Early system check prevents costly processes at the beginning
  • Detailed customer information with reportable structure

Auto Loan Features

New and Used Vehicle Data entry

  • Loan Details
  • Applicant Details
  • Vehicle Details
  • Finance Details
  • Insurance Details
  • Policy Results
  • Additional Information

Finance Application

  • Customized Application forms
  • Generate unique application number
  • Maintain various interest rates and processing fee
  • Integrate with Rule engine to check the customer's eligibility
  • Support dynamic checklists of documents
  • Define application approval process in workflow
  • Define process flows for different type of loans such as New/Used

New VehicleCalculation of Finance Amount on VehicleCost
Used Vehicle Calculation of Finance Amount on Appraised Value and Appraisal workflow

TML Search

  • Approved Employers
  • Approved Insurance Companie
  • Approved Vehicles

Systems Checks

  • Internal Black List
    • Returns customer's internal black list records with input parameters such as Customer CIF, Name, Surname, Birth Date, Nationality, Passport Number
  • Central Bank Rating
    • Returns customer rating as per Central Bank records with input parameters such as Customer CIF, Name, Surname, Birth Date, Nationality, Passport Number
  • Central Bank Bad Cheque
  • World Check
    • Returns customer AML Blacklisting situation
  • Credit Bureau Integration
    • Returns a comrehensive , accurate and up to date repository ofcredit bureau andcheque-honouringinfromation on a case to case basis
  • Dual authorization performed during credit analysis phase:
    • Maker form
    • Checker form

Deviation Approval

  • Deviation Initiation
  • Deviation Recommendation
  • Deviation Approval

Loan Approval

  • Credit Analyst Level 1
  • Deviation Approval
  • Financial Approval
  • Credit Analyst Level 2

MIS & Security Reports

  • Processed Auto Loan Applications
  • Auto Loan Application TAT Report

De-duplication Logic
Loan Booking Disbursement

  • Integrate with the back-end systems to disburse the loan after final approval on the application
  • CRM sends request to Middleware for posting the Fund Transfer request to the core banking system to transfer funds and disburse loan into customer's account

VeriLoan Customers

  • Qatar Development Bank
  • Şeker Finans

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