Branch Automation module provides branch office users Seller/Teller/Advisor to manage both retail and corporate transactions and inquiries over CRM platform working as the branch front office application.

VeriTouch gives the bank a view of the client and client profitability without passing by client needs and requirements, and it puts the customer at the center of attention. It improves the efficiency and quality of communication with customers through the use of easily accessible customer information. VeriTouch is gaining increased attention as a means of providing retail banks with tools that include:

The focal benefit of VeriTouch for retail banks is that it increases the efficiency and quality of communication with customers with easily accessible customer information. This will bring about higher customer satisfaction. VeriTouch deserves attention between all its competitors with effective and measurable campaign activities, increased service consistency and customer retention.

  • One software in branch vision
  • New customer enrolment
  • Account opening
  • Joint accounts support
  • Pre populated form printing
  • Role based signing hierarchy
  • Customer info update process
  • Account open manager approval rules
    • Central bank rating & listing
    • Internal black list
    • World check
  • Automatic cheque book application
  • Automatic debit card application
  • Automatic SMS banking subscription
  • Form management and retrieval
  • Account origination report

Key abilities:

  • Capturing client information at every contact point, helping them to build strategic customer knowledge and insight over time.
  • Generating effective and measurable campaign activities to maximize campaign response across all channels and increase the number of leads and opportunities.
  • Automated workflow and business process management that enable banks to capture and monitor every opportunity in detail, increase service consistency.
  • Enabling operational efficiency and collaboration across multiple units for higher customer satisfaction and better customer retention.
  • Helping branch staff to manage sales better and conduct local events and marketing campaigns.
  • Providing input relevant to service and product improvement, giving banks a second chance to serve and satisfy dissatisfied clients, strengthening customer relationships, and increasing customer retention.

Branch Automation- Seller Module-Retail and Corporate Inquiries

  • Accounts
    • Account List
      • Active, Inactive, Dormant, Closed accounts
    • Account Details
      • Current / Savings / Fixed Deposit
      • Loan Accounts
      • Loan Accounts repayment plan
    • Account Transaction History
    • Account Statement PDF, Excel Download.
    • Cheque Search
    • Cheque Image Inquiry
  • Credit/Debit Card
    • Card List
    • Card Transaction history
    • Card Statement PDF, Excel Download
    • Supplementary card list
    • Supplementary card transaction history
  • Loan
    • Loan Account List and Detail
    • Loan Payment Schedule
  • Wealth
    • Wealth Management Portfolio List
    • Wealth Management Portfolio Detail
  • Corporate single View
    • Group View
    • Revenue Chart
    • Swift Integration
  • Corporate Credit Facility
  • Corporate Payment Schedule
  • Corporate Limit and Utilizations
  • Corporate Trade Finance
  • Corporate LC/LG Download to Excel

Branch Automation: Seller Module-Retail and Corporate Transactions

  • Accounts
  • Credit Cards
  • Subscriptions
  • Beneficiary Management
  • Account Opening
  • Term Deposit Opening
  • Internal Transfers
  • Domestic Remittances
  • International Remittances
  • Standard Instructions for remittances
  • Standing Instructions Management
  • Bill and Tax Payments
  • Card Payment (own card / third-party card)
  • Demand Draft/Manager's cheque
  • Investment Transactions
  • Buy/sell funds
  • Cheque book request
  • ATM Card request
  • Stop lost card
  • Card activation
  • Statement by fax (Credit Cards and CASA Accounts)
  • Statement by e-mail (Credit Cards and CASA Accounts)
  • Corporate Trade Finance Initiation
    • LG application
    • Import / Export LC application
    • Documentary collection
    • Mid Office Approvals

    VeriTouch Customers

    • Ahli United Bank
    • Allianz Yaşam ve Emeklilik
    • Dubai Islamic Bank
    • FinansBank
    • Garanti Emeklilik
    • GIB
    • Ing Bank
    • Ithmaar Bank
    • Jordan İslamic Bank
    • Kuveyt Türk
    • Masraf Al Rayan
    • Meem
    • NBAD
    • NCB Capital
    • VakıfBank

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