VeriChannel Omni-Channel Solution

Banks have revolutionized to offer a consistent experience across all technological channels, including the branch. In this digital age of banking the proliferation of departmental solutions in banks leads to a fragmented infrastructure that creates an obstacle to consistent consumer experience.

VeriChannel offers a seamless Omni-Channel experience to customers, whilst offering a Unified Transaction Front-end to Bank users. VeriChannel provides a single platform for front office to reduce development and maintenance costs. The solution enables banks to increase efficiency and agility, while enhancing Customer Experience.

The solution can also connect to any other Channel (for instance, social media) by providing extensible web services.

As a proven and scalable platform for Omni-Channel Banking, VeriChannel sits on top of existing IT systems and enables zero footprint and secure integration to disparate business applications. With its flexible architecture, VeriChannel reduces time-to-market of new features, decreases application development and maintenance costs and provides cross channel consistency.

Quick Time to Market

Most of the functionality is already defined, and extension can be done using VeriChannel Visual Designer along with readily available integration connectors for quicker delivery.


The solution is being used by banks with 5000 customers, as well as by banks with 500,000 customers. This ensures that the solution can grow along with the customer base of the bank.

High Security

With built in Security features as well as compliance with latest security standards, VeriChannel offers a safe and secure experience for banks and customers.


The Modular nature of VeriChannel allows banks to choose the functionality they wish to offer to customers. Banks can add modules / functionality, incrementally and continuously improve the VeriChannel experience for customers.


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