VeriChannel is the premiere bank model that streamlines efficiency and quality into one seamless all-inclusive package. It applies the most customer friendly platform to the most current IT-technology, providing immediate interchangeable access to one omni-channel utilityi

Whether its On-line banking, Mobile banking or Customized support, today's branch is an interactive experience adapting to what best serves your customers at any given moment of time.

Our omni-channel banking ensures the most self-sufficient system of banking and the most practical user applications applied to the real world. For example, customized settings that can differentiate mobile banking and on-line banking needs and instantly able to transition between both.

VeriChannel's Omni-Channel Solution benefits in:

  • More Sales
  • Reduced Time to Market
  • Exposed API's
  • Direct Sales Enablement
  • One Business Layer
  • Reduced Development Cost
  • Digital Service Enablement
  • Less Operational Cost
  • Enhanced Customer Experience

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