Omni-Channel Delivery Solution for More Sales, Less Cost, and Enhanced Customer Experience

Banks best serve their customers by providing a certain quality of products and services that exclusively combine to meet a full realm of inter-related needs. Omni-channel banking takes that concept to the next level and uses today's technology to provide the on-line solution for integrated needs. VeriBranch is the premiere bank model that streamlines efficiency and quality into one seamless all-inclusive package. Products and services that not only offer consistency across the board but versatility to meet today's full realm of needs, every step of the way. VeriBranch applies the most customer friendly platform to the most current IT-technology, providing immediate interchangeable access to one omni-channel utility. Whether its On-line banking, Mobile banking or Customized support, today's branch is an interactive experience adapting to what best serves your customers at any given moment of time.

Our omni-channel banking ensures the most self-sufficient system of banking and the most practical user applications applied to the real world. For example, customized settings that can differentiate mobile banking and on-line banking needs and instantly able to transition between both. Or efficiency that allows one to resume a transaction or continue use of a product if they get interrupted in the middle of the process. Another example of more improved on-line banking is better quality customer support. VeriBranch not only offers "24/7 click to chat/call customer service options", but the ability to customize each channel of banking to each location or context being served at the time (e.g. driving to work using mobile phone Vs. using home computer to pay bills vs. security settings when using a public computer.)

Our goal is to combine the best quality banking services with on-line efficiency and open the new generation of banking to today's on-line branch for omni-service banking on a omni-channel platform with a seamless integration of service and customized support.

What We Offer

VeriBranch offers leading financial institutions a Omni-Channel Delivery Solution including: Online Retail Banking, Online SME Banking, Online Corporate Banking, Mobile Banking (PDAs, Smart Phones, WAP, Android/IOS/Windows 8 & 10 /Blackberry Apps) Call Center Banking, Kiosk/Self Service Terminals, SMS Banking, and Branch Front End.

Omni-Channel Solution means:

  • More Sales
  • Less Operational Cost
  • Enhanced Customer Experience

VeriBranch, is leading today's banking industry with its visionary approach to providing the ultimate combination of service. A omni-channel delivery of quality products and services, combined into one seamlessly integrated on-line banking operation. Using more customized architecture in its platforms, VeriBranch provides the all-encompassing solution to better serve your customers and to meet the full demands of succeeding in today's complex banking industry. Already, you are providing customers with a unique and more satisfying experience of banking and this alone will return a more unique and loyal client base, likely more interested in buying other products as well.

There are many other benefits of providing a more consistent and advanced omni-channel banking service.

Immediately, you set your bank apart from the competition offering a superior service that your customers will already promote for you simply by word of mouth. That means less time spent on marketing, less money spent on developing additional unnecessary applications and now a better way to increase cross sales with a omni-channel platform all on one.

VeriBranch provides the most solid and sure-fire solution to today's various banking needs with the most advanced IT technology and pliable middleware for an interactive omni-channel platform. It offers personalized and secure integration, as well as enhanced, easy one step deployment across the board ("a write once, deploy everywhere" functionality). VeriBranch also supports various alternative channels such as Internet banking, contact centers, wireless channels (Tablets, WAP, SMS, and Smart Phones), kiosk/self-service devices, social channels and branch operations. A single code base for multiple channels enables all your channels to adapt to operation changes with immediate efficiency.

VeriBranch utilizes the most recent IT technologies to operate as a secure independent platform and automatically integrates into your financial institution's existing IT system infrastructure, Easy integration and effortless installation is what makes VeriBranch cost significantly less than other similar products. VeriBranch is by far the best available option on the market and the most visionary solution to a new branch of on-lone banking. It costs less, it's integrates directly into your existing banking system and it provides a high quality omni-channel function for the most successful of today's banks.

VeriBranch for Business
  • Effective Sales and Marketing Engine:
    Centralized offer box for cross-sell content
    Fully functional sales and marketing channel, enabling strategic display of dynamic cross-sell content
  • Responsive customer service:
    All customer inquiries and orders (paper drop) automated
  • Channel specific products
  • Online fixed deposit with extra interest rate compared to branch, Online pension fund with no entrance fee, Instant Loans provided on multiple channels
  • Rich user interface
  • Making it easy for your customers to receive and view their e-bills, pay their bills, and maintain complete control over their money movement activities
  • Personal finance management
  • Gives your customers an overview on their finances and gives the Bank much better insight into their customer's needs
  • Out-of-the-box Banking Functionality:
    Pre-integrated banking components include special security functions (authentication, digital signature, business profiles, and banking authorizations), audit trail, document management, customer communications, business alerting and reporting system
VeriBranch for Technology
  • Omni-Channel Architecture
    Allows products and services to be offered across all delivery channels in a single application
  • Easy implementation and migration:
    The most experienced migration team in the industry ensures an exceptional conversion experience for your customers
  • Web Based and Single Back-Office
    Allows VeriBranch to retain a low cost of ownership compared to others
  • SOA- Flexible Integration Structure
    Allows new channel activations to become faster.
  • Scalable Structure
    Easily adaptable to any size financial institutions and banking system

VeriBranch Customers

  • a&t bank
  • Akbank
  • Bank Asya
  • DenizBank
  • Dubai Islamic Bank
  • Fibabanka
  • FinansBank
  • Halk Bank
  • Ing Bank
  • Kuveyt Türk
  • Lebanon Gulf Bank
  • Meem
  • T.C. Ziraat Bankası
  • VakıfBank
  • Yapı Kredi

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