VeriBranch lets you create the system that fits your institution and your customers. With our extensive functionality you can create better customer satisfaction and attract many new potential customers. These are just some of the features our customers enjoy:

  • Only one back office to manage
  • Very fast turnaround for new products to market
  • No need to duplicate business logic
  • Beneficiary management across multiple channels
  • Easily manage fees across multiple channels
  • Create a centralized alert system for greater compliance
  • Creates a centralized complaints management system to handle issues quickly and efficiently.
Benefits for Financial Institutions

Creating and increasing sales using cross-selling and up-selling methods and opportunities is an important part of any financial Institution. Making sure that you utilize all your resources is critical during client interaction. VeriBranch greatly enables institutions to create these opportunities by offering the infrastructure for your products and channels with minimal effort.

Very fast time to market:

With VeriBranch, we take care of the coding and most of the functionality for you, which means very fast lead times and deployment of your new features and services.

Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO):

By having your VeriBranch system administration web based, the TCO of your system would be much lower when compared to other businesses and vendors.

High Performance:

As the result of VeriBranch's three- tier architecture, your customers will enjoy incredible performance, anytime, anywhere.

Complete and Secure:

VeriBranch understands that security and safety are necessary for building and maintaining long term relationships between institutions and customers. That's why we use the latest in site encryption to make sure that all passwords, account number, messages and sensitive institution or customer information is protected. Our goal is to make institutions and customers both feel safe and secure while using VeriBranch.

Easy and Flexible Customization:

By using VeriBranch's modular architecture, clients enjoy painless implementation of their newly developed services. Everything is done in a very straightforward and effortless manner.

Service Fee Structure and Opportunities:

By using VeriBranch's modular infrastructure, institutions can easily create service fee structures that are easily implemented across multiple channels.

Easy Management for Business Users:

By using VeriBranch's single Back Office system to manage, a user can easily manage such as:

  • Content
  • Customers limits
  • Security features
  • Site templates
  • Notification messages
  • Marketing banners
  • And much more…

In addition, many different types of users and their roles can be defined making it easy to assign tasks and support systems, even including maker-checker approvals.


Every company wants to grow. With VeriBranch, you get the flexibility to easy add functionality, features and services. Whether you have 500 or 500,000 customers, Veribranch will continue to meet your growing performance needs.

Rich, Detailed Reporting:

With a broad range of reporting option, VeriBranch has the ability to create the report you need, how you need it.

Benefits for Customers


By using the latest in encryption technology, customers who use VeriBranch will feel safer and more secure when banking online.


With VeriBranch, customers will not need to go to banks. Customers will have the convenience of doing everything from their desktop saving valuable time and money whether depositing a check or paying the bills.


VeriBranch offers customers the ability to pay bills, move funds and monitor their transactions at blazing speeds. That means that when they need something done, it can get done on their time.


With Veribranch's web integration, customers can feel comfortable knowing that they have access to their account anywhere and anytime. At the beach, at work or on the go, customers can use their smart phones, laptops and other mobile devices to pay bills and transfer funds when and where they need.

VeriBranch Customers

  • a&t bank
  • Akbank
  • Bank Asya
  • DenizBank
  • Dubai Islamic Bank
  • Fibabanka
  • FinansBank
  • Halk Bank
  • Ing Bank
  • Kuveyt Türk
  • Lebanon Gulf Bank
  • Meem
  • T.C. Ziraat Bankası
  • VakıfBank
  • Yapı Kredi

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