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VeriPark is dedicated to its mission: provide companies effective and profitable loyalty management systems with effective and innovative solutions. We work with you to help you gain the edge in today's challenging economic climate.

We hear you. "Business has changed." True. But. While your business strategy constantly changes and evolves, the fundamentals of good business remain the same. At VeriPark that means increase efficiency and streamline operations; build customer loyalty; contain costs without sacrificing innovation; and stand out from the competition. VeriPark provides the following solutions:

VPOS Payment Gateway

Companies with Online Selling Systems or Call Center often have difficulties managing their payment system due to the number of banks integrated. VeriPark's Payment Gateway changes that.

Here's what we do: We eliminate adoption problems caused by new protocol integration. We replace that with a centralized payment system that provides ready -to-use communication interfaces with banks via unique and common infrastructure.

Such advance technology and infrastructure translates into systems that are easily manageable and maintainable--and are scalable with on promise and cloud (Azure) options.

Loyalty Management Solution

VeriPark's Loyalty management is a tailored solution to your specific business needs. It's based on the ingenuity of the Microsoft Dynamics platform. What you'll immediately realize is customer loyalty increases. There's a good reason why. The platform provides a campaign management infrastructure based on rewarding scenarios.

You now have the ability to orchestrate multichannel loyalty programs across the enterprises that convert points and rewards into true customer loyalty!

We understand that the ability to attract and keep new customers is essential to keeping your business healthy and moving forward. With that in mind VeriPark's Loyalty Solution offers you the marketing tools you need to favorably impress customers and generate positive word of mouth.

Big Ideas that mean big business? Yes. And then some.

  • Gift and incentive programs that enable you to sell more products to your most loyal customers
  • The ability to view and share customer information across your company for more effective management of accounts, portfolios, sales teams and markets
  • A rewards tier program that encourages customers to activate and use products and services that result in more spending and increase in revenue
  • Full-service, multichannel direct marketing solutions that enhance member experience, improve member retention, increase ROI and strengthen brand preference
Portals & Collaboration Solutions

VeriPark's portal solution, built on top of Microsoft SharePoint Platform, gives you the advantage of administrating all portal functions in intranet, extranet and internet from a single user friendly unit. All corporate workflows occur through the portal infrastructure. Stand out features include a document management system and capacity to integrate with other applications.

Better yet, it provides all these functions over a scalable and reliable infrastructure. An infrastructure with interfaces that look as well as the system performs, which means staying one step ahead in digital marketing just got easier.

Our extensive B2C/B2B web site implementation experience works for you. VeriPark offers centralized product, product catalogue inventory and pricing management while offering cross-sell campaign and product comparison functionalities. All that combined with user friendly shopping cart functions.

VeriPark also offers a solution for internal collaboration with the same infrastructure. Idea and expertise sharing among the colleagues now happens in s flash.

SMS Gateway

VeriPark's SMS Gateway solution creates a gateway for communication with multiple mobile service providers for all banking services. Our SMS Gateway is a highly flexible, and our secure on-site and cloud based mobile messaging gateways are designed to ease the simplicity of all transactions.

Our SMS Gateway supports both bulk SMS and 2-way SMS. Bulk SMS is used for sending personalized messages, whereas with 2-way SMS (inbound SMS reception) you can receive SMS directly into your system. With this comes complete database integration and fully programmable event-based messaging.

The solution offers ease of manageability and maintainability while providing fault tolerant infrastructure integrated with Mobile Operators.

Enterprise Search

The VeriPark Enterprise Search Solution of is built on top of Microsoft FAST Search Server for SharePoint which provides internal and external search capabilities to companies.

SharePoint's strong and secure document management system and capacity integrates swiftly with other applications. It's easy to perform required indexing processes behind the search engine.

By combining the power of FAST with the simplicity of SharePoint, the enterprise search solution of VeriPark delivers an exceptional intranet and people search experience. All on a platform designed for building custom search-driven applications.

Some of the ways you'll benefit:

  • Find Content Faster: Most companies store information in many different formats. To help cut through the clutter, SharePoint 2010 Search provides an interactive, visual search experience. Visual cues help people find information quickly, while refiners let them drill into the results and discover insights.
  • Help People Connect: People are your company's key asset. The more quickly and easily they can find each other, the more they can share their ideas and lend expertise to solve problems, improve processes, and foster innovation.
  • Customize the Search Experience: Your people search in many different ways. With SharePoint 2010 Search, you can meet everyone's search needs on a single platform. You can add your own vocabulary, tune relevance, and use each person's specific information to deliver a great search experience.
Enterprise Social Networking

Enterprise Social Networking Solution of VeriPark is built on top of Microsoft SharePoint 2010/2013 with our partner Newsgator.  Newsgator's design is known for its ease in company collaboration across departments, geographies and business applications, even vendors.


VeriPark's Social Networking takes you where you want to go when you want to go there. And it's cost efficient.

From social media to enterprise micro blogging, group structure, notifications, communities and accessibility (via mobile or the web) our social networking solutions work for you. You'll discover seamless flow of information across your organization and internal network with an outstanding value to cost ratio.

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