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VeriPark's Insurance Solutions. A Powerful Tool to Drive Profitable Sales, Spur innovation, and Ensure Transparency

Good customer service is essential for success. There is proven demand in the insurance sector for fast, multi-channel, customizable online solutions. It's the only way to reach large volume of customers, create and maintain targeted campaigns, cooperate more closely with partners--and handle complaints, demands, and suggestions.

We're on top of it. VeriPark offers comprehensive and integrated solutions that address Customer Relationship, Contact Center, Channel Management, Portal Solutions and Business Support Systems.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Solutions

As a customer-driven entity, insurance companies must employ one-to-one marketing strategies and identify customers' needs. It's the only way to develop better customer and broker relations.

VeriPark's CRM Solutions help you get the job done. The right way. CRM is a methodology applied for forming, developing and continuing customer relations. By using our CRM, you'll quickly determine your most profitable customers and develop special marketing strategies for these customers.

Our "CRM for Insurance core model", contains all the insurance specific tables and relationships, needed to support Direct and Indirect distribution channels:

  • The indirect model, also called "Broker Relationship Management or BRM", helps Insurance Companies manage relationships with intermediary's such as brokers and agents.
  • The direct distribution model, called "Customer Relationship Management or CRM", helps Insurance Companies manage relationships with the final customer (individuals or enterprises).
  • A mixed model of both Direct and Indirect distribution is also supported.

For more information about our CRM solution, click here.

Portals – Corporate Collaboration Sites for Brokers and Agents

VeriPark's Portal Solutions is built on top of Microsoft SharePoint. It enables all corporate workflows to occur through the portal infrastructure and features a document management system with the capacity to integrate with other applications. All functions are provided over a scalable and reliable infrastructure.

VeriPark offers portal-based solutions for insurance companies that enable importing data from other systems. It uses business intelligence capabilities to create dashboards and reports for agent and broker productivity, new business success and customer loyalty, claims processing, and other activities.

You yield multiple benefits. Agents, brokers, claims adjusters, and customer service personnel all experience enhanced service delivery. All which help you identify new opportunities, and increase marketing potential.

Online Self-Service Channels

Customers demand continuous and fast service and sales support through every channel of communication. Online self-service channels are a necessity in today's marketplace.

VeriPark offers online solutions for self-services with comprehensive web-based architecture for rapid application deployment and an off-the-shelf solution that minimizes the total cost of ownership.

With Self Service Channels the choice is yours. You have the ability to work with customizable one-on-one solutions while enjoying a large number of instant support & service. VeriPark's self-service channels enable both retail and corporate customers to buy new insurances, renew contracts, follow campaigns, and carry out all other insurance actions in one online platform.

Direct / Field Sales Applications

VeriPark is shifting the traditional way of doing business with insurance companies from "The customer goes to the agent" to "The agent goes to the customer". In that regard, VeriPark has developed Direct Sales Agent (DSA) App for Win 8 for agents to complete insurance products sales easily on their tablet. It is part of VeriPark's VeriTouch Banking CRM Solution running as an application on Windows 8 both offline and online.

VPOS Payment Gateway

Companies with Online Selling Systems or Call Center often have difficulties managing their payment system due to the number of banks integrated. VeriPark's Payment Gateway changes that.

Here's what we do: We eliminate adoption problems caused by new protocol integration. We replace that with a centralized payment system that provides ready -to-use communication interfaces with banks via unique and common infrastructure.

Such advance technology and infrastructure translates into systems that are easily manageable and maintainable and are scalable with on promise and cloud (Azure) options.

Enterprise Search

VeriPark Enterprise Search Solution is built on top of Microsoft FAST Search Server 2010 for SharePoint which provides internal and external search capabilities to companies. It's fast, strong and most important, secure.

Combining the power of FAST with the simplicity of SharePoint, the enterprise search solution of VeriPark's Enterprise Search Solution delivers an exceptional intranet and people search experience. It also creates a platform for building custom search-driven applications.

But it gets better. SharePoint's strong and secure document management system and capacity to integrate with other applications makes it a cinch to provide required indexing process behind the search engine.

A Few Ways You'll Benefit:

  • Find Content Faster: Most companies store information in many different formats. To help cut through the clutter, SharePoint 2010 Search provides an interactive, visual search experience. Visual cues help people find information quickly, while refiners let them drill into the results and discover insights.
  • Help People Connect: People are your company's key asset. The more quickly and easily they can find each other, the more they can share their ideas and lend expertise to solve problems, improve processes, and foster innovation.
  • Customize the Search Experience: Your people search in many different ways. With SharePoint 2010 Search, you can meet everyone's search needs on a single platform. You can add your own vocabulary, tune relevance, and use each person's specific information to deliver a great search experience.

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